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At Landguard Point, we strive for excellence in the service that we provide to all of our customers. This commitment, has helped us to secure long term business relationships with our clients. As such, we have built our collection process to ensure that everyone we work with receives the support that they need.

All of our customers are able to collect from any of the chosen quays, from our locations and ports, in order to ensure maximum efficiency.

When & Where?

When collecting their goods, we encourage our clients to phone in advance, in order to release the product to the docks. From this point, we will be available through much of the day, and able to help you collect your order.

During a normal week, our loading times are 8am until 4pm, except on a Friday, when the ports finish a little early at 3pm. If, however, you are looking to collect your order a little earlier, we can arrange for a 7am collection, based on a prior arrangement.

Personal Service

We pride ourselves on our personal service, and the way in which we manage your order, every step from making the initial order to you collecting the goods from the port. If throughout the process you have any queries or concerns, then we will be on hand to meet your needs.

If you would like to discuss our collection process, then please get in touch with the Landguard Point team today. You can call us on 01359 258264, or you can use our contact form. Alternatively, email us on

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