Durable Bamboo Wall Panel

Landguard bamboo wall panels are treated to improve the product’s durability, to maintain its natural colour and to protect the material from risk of fungus growth. The raw material is subjected to a 160°c carbonization temperature under a high heat pressure over time, to ensure the sugar, nutrients, and any worm eggs are removed efficiently.

We use a specific drying technique to ensure the moisture content of bamboo strips are equal from the inside out. This ensures any water does not accumulate inside the strips, making it an inhospitable environment for fungi to grow. We then add a protective agent to the material before assembling into bamboo panelling.

Bamboo Decking

REBO© products are made from the fast growing moso bamboo and manufactured by Fujian Golden Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. During years of research and development to refine their production technique, they have established a range of REBO© outdoor

products with high density(1200kg/m3), durability Class 1 (EN350), fireproof, waterproof, anti-mildew, anti-corrosion, and slip-resistance (R10) characteristics. REBO© bamboo products are ideal for outdoor decking, cladding, fencing and furniture.

Landguard Point Group are excited to introduce a brand-new product.

Our Rebo Bamboo division has been established to launch this product to the UK market.

Landguard Point has partnered with REBO Fujian Golden Bamboo Industry Co., LTD, a high-end brand specialising in stimulating a traditional bamboo culture and promoting its use in innovative and attractive designs for the home. The Rebo factory is located in Zhang Zhou, Fujian, China, where the crop grows in an area of 13 hectares of land.